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Double 9 Patch


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Straight Furrow variation
Friendship Star
Snail Trail
Faux Curve
Coffee Cups

Thumbnails that appear more than once are cross-references. The thumbnail colors are arbitrary.

< 8 points 
  4 points
    + shape

Beautiful Star/Arkansas Snow Flake/Michigan's Pontiac Star/Four Points/Danish Stars/Job's Troubles/Pontiac Star

Southside Star/The New Four-Pointer/Night & Day
    x shape
      Center points


Rocky Road to Kansas/Rocky Road to Kansas/Teddy's Choice/Cowboy's Star

Crossed Canoes (LAC)/Indian Canoes (KCS)/Crossed Canoes (KCS)/Job's Troubles (web name)

      Center patch

The Priscilla/Kaleidoscopic Patch/Amethyst/World Without End/Geometrical Star/Geometric Star

Kaleidoscope/Hobby Nook/Diamond & Star/Pine Burr/Milkmaid's Star

  5 points

5-pointed Star/Union Star/Star in a Square/20th Century Star/Star of the West/Moon Flower

  6 points

Star of Bethlehem/Novel Star

8 points 
  Center points
    Diamond star

LeMoyne Star/Blazing Star/National Star/Hunter Star/Hunter's Star/Pin Wheel/Polk Ohio/Anna's Choice/Blazing Star
    Lone-Star style

Virginia Star/Star of Hope/Stars Upon Stars/Bethlehem Star/Broken Star/Spiral Lone Star
Not pictured: Glittering Star/Lone Star/Texas Star/Northumberland Star

    Pinwheel star
      Center points

Circling Swallows/Circling Swallow/Falling Star/Whirling Star/Godey's 1858/Star Flower/Fish Tails

      Split points

Star of the East/The North Star/Silver & Gold


V. Block/V Block/Long-pointed Star/Chimney Swallows/Enigma

  Center patch
    Sun Rays

Sun Rays Quilt/Tennessee Waltz/Claws/Pineapple Quilt/Prairie Queen/54-40 or Fight/Sun Rays (Twin Fibers)/
Dove at the Window

    Ohio Star

Ohio Star/Variable Star/Variable Star/Lone Star/Star Spangled/Star of Hope/Mosaic Patchwork #1/Flying Crow
      Irish Cousins

The Four X Quilt/Swamp Angel/Mystery Flower Garden/Aunt Eliza's Sta/Dolly Madison Star/The Kaleido scope Quilt

Sawtooth/Stars & Squares/8 Hands Around/8 Hands Around
    Feathered star

Feathered Star/Star of Chamblie/Pine Burr
    Chevron star

Blackford's Beauty/Mrs. Smith's Favorite/Arrowhead/Endless Chain/Winged 9 Patch/
Stepping Stones (1931)/ArrowheadsStepping Stones (1948)


Doe & Darts/Doe & Darts/Star of Many Points/Modern Star/Merry Kite/Wyoming Valley Block/Ribbon Star/
Sand Hills Star
/Northumberland Star

    Pinwheel star

Unfolding Star/Waltzing Matilda

> 8 points 
  Center points

North Star/Wyoming Patch
  Center patch
    Mariner's Compass

Rising Sun/Chips & Whetstones/Chips & Whetstones/Slashed Star/Single Sunflower

  Other center patch

Rising Sun
  Double star
    6- to 8-side  
center frame

Jewels in a Frame/Unfolding Star
center frame

Square A or Carpenter's Star/Circle Saw/Paradise/Dutch Rose/Stars & Cubes/Modern Carpenter's Star
X Cross 
  Center points

Mayflower Block/Flying Fish/Brown Goose/Double Z/The Railroad/Broad Arrow/Greek Cross


Electric Fan, No. 2/Connecticut/Block Island Puzzle/Kaleidoscope/The Windmill Blades/Spider Web

  Center patch

Spring Beauty/Toad in a Puddle/Sonnie's Play House/Golgotha/Pride of Ohio

  Lattice blocks

Hunter Star/Hunter's Star/Hearts & Gizzards/Lover's Knot/Lover's Knot
+ Cross 
  Center points

Maltese Cross/Oklahoma Square Dance/V. Block/V Block/Chimney Swallows

  Center patch

Blocks & Bars/Turkey in the Straw/King's Highway/Lincoln's Platform/Souvenir of Friendship/
Practical Orchard/Hen & Chickens

    Bear Paw  

Bear's Foot/Bear's Paw/Premium Star/Bear's Paw/Autumn Leaf/Autumn Leaf/The World's Fair
    Shoo Fly

Grandmother's Choice/Grandmother's Choice/Cross & Crown/Cross & Crown/Duck's Foot/Duck & Ducklings/

Ducks & Ducklings/Ducks & Ducklings/Ducklings for Friendship/A Wrench/Lincoln's Platform/Hen & Chickens

Christian Cross 

The Cross/Cross & Crown/The Cross

Square center 
  Large center
    Simple frame

Windowpane Quilts/Diversion Quilt/Wandering Lover/9-patch /Churn Dash (LAC)/Fanny'sFavorite
    Fancy frame

Diamonds in the Corners/Lotus Star/Jamestown Square/The Anvil/The Swallow/Framed Squares

  Medium center
    Corner triangles

The Wishing Ring/Shoo Fly/Puss in the Corner/Jamestown Square

    Square corners

Quatrefoils/Double Hour Glass
      Other corners

Mrs. Bryan's Choice/The Cornerstone/Queen's Pride/Bluebells/Thrifty
  Small center

Shoo Fly/Duck & Ducklings/Leap Frog
    Flying Geese

Spring Beauty/Road to California/Jacob's Ladder/The Anvil/The Swallow

Hull's Victory/Temple Court/Jackson Star/Old Maid's Patience/Four Stars Patchwork
On-point center 
  Large center

Art Square/Four-4 Time/Windmill/Southern Belle/Star of Many Points/Modern Star/Fort Sumpter [sic/Square & Star
  Medium center

Springtime/Pineapple Quilt/Toad in a Puddle/Susannah Patch/
Odd Fellow's Cross/Odd Fellow's Cross/Wyoming Valley Block
  Small center

Bow Tie (Necktie)/Four Queens/Wedding Bouquet/Mrs. Cleveland's Choice/Swing in the Center: LAC; Finley; Wheeler
  Plain large square
Shadow Box/New Pattern/Birds in the Air
  Plain half square
West Wind/Sailboat/Lady of the Lake
  Patterned large sq

Lights & Shadows/Basket of Scraps/Midget Necktie/Children's Delight/Squares & Stripes

Picture Frames/Mosaic No. 1/Trip Around the World/Trip Around the World on point/
Log Cabin/Log Cabin Hexagon/Postage Stamp Quilt

  On-point center

12 Triangles
  Off-point center

Scrap/Economy/Hour Glass/Godey's design/The King's Crown /Triangles & Stripes
    Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the Pulpit/Double Squares/Mosaic No. 7/Jack in the Pulpit (Stone)
  3x3 checkerboards
    With squares

9 Patch/9-patch Chain/Hen & Her Chicks/Double 9 Patch/Double 9 Patch (Child's Crib Quilt)/Golden Gates/Pride of Ohio

    With other shapes

True Lover's Knot/True Lover's Knot/Bradford 9 Patch/Goose in the Pond/5 Patch/Nose Gay/The Practical Orchard/Hour-Glass No. 2/Practical Orchard/Hour Glass (Finley)

Stepping Stones/The Long 9 PatchDoe & Darts (Finley)/Doe & Darts

  2x2 checkerboards
    In corners/center

Jewel Quilt/Thrifty/Square & Half Square/Water Wheel (Cabot)/Water Wheel (Farm Journal)/Chinese Coin/Bento Box/Blackford's Beauty/Four Squares

9-patch Plaid/Village Green/Cotton Reel/True Lover's Knot/Nine Patch
Diagonal rows 
  Irish Chain
      2 color

Single Irish Chain/Double Irish Chain/Double Irish Chain/Triple irish Chain

      3 color

Double Irish Chain/Triple Irish Chain/Irish Chain or Irish Chain, Small/Triple Irish Chain

      4 color

Triple Irish Chain/Triple Irish Chain, Large

    Irish cousins

Burgoyne Surrounded/Burgoyne Surrounded (Cabot)/Burgoyne's Surrender/Beautiful Mosaic


Dublin Chain/Criss Cross/Pennsylvania/Sheep Fold/Nine Patch/
9-Patch Plaid/Village Green

  Strong 1-way
    All 1-way

Carrie Nation/Steps to Glory/The Squares Within Squares/New Four Patch/World's Fair Block/Garret Window/
Rain Drop/Spanish Squares

    Jacob's Ladder
      4 corners are  

Jacob's Ladder/The Railroad/54-40 or Fight/Trail of the Covered Wagon/Road to Arkansas/Road to California/Sunny Lanes

      2 corners are   checkerboards

Road to the White House/Rocky Road to California/The Broken Sugar Bowl

  1-way emphasis

Four Squares/Contrary Wife/Double Hour Glass/Double X, No. 1/The Tail of Benjamin's Kite/Sheep Fold/

Arkansas Cross Roads/Road to Oklahoma/Crockett Cabin Quilt/Pussy in the Corner/Puss in the Corner
    XL center bowtie

Crosses & Losses/Old Maid's Puzzle/Double X, No. 2/Double X, No. 3/Old Maid's Puzzle

  Smaller bowties

A Design in Geometrics/Old Maid's Puzzle/Sawtooth/Double X, No. 1/Double Quartet/The Jig Jog Puzzle/Ratchet Wheel
Beggar Block/Beggar's Block
    Bowtie stars
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Ohio Star
Ohio Star cousins Sawtooth family Sawtooth cousins Dolly Madison Star
The Kaleido-
scope Quilt

  Half-square triangle
    Split block

Birds in the Air/Lend & Borrow/Lady of the Lake/Anna's Choice/Flamingos in Flight
    Shoo Fly

Grandmother's Choice/Grandmother's Choice/Cross & Crown/Cross & Crown/Duck's Foot/Duck & Ducklings/

Ducks & Ducklings/Ducks & Ducklings/Ducklings/Ducklings for Friendship/Churn Dash/A Wrench/Crow's Foot


Shoo Fly/Jack in the Pulpit/Fence Row/Fence Row/Prairie Queen/Joseph's Coat/Double Monkey Wrench
    Other proportions

Churn Dash/Jack-in-the-Pulpit/Mrs.Cleveland's Choice/Triangles & Stripes
  Flying Geese
    2 or 3 per row

Road to California/Jacob's Ladder/Spring Beauty
    4 per row

Pineapple block/Fox & Geese/Forward & Back
    5+ per row

Wild Goose Chase (LAC)/Wild Goose Chase (Holstein)/Wild Goose Chase (Aunt Martha)
  Sawtooth rows

Bear's Foot/Bear's Paw/Premium Star/Bear's Paw/Autumn Leaf/Autumn Leaf/

The World's Fair/Turkey in the Straw/Crow's Foot


The Anvil/The Swallow/World's Fair Puzzle/Star of Hope/The Delectable Mountains/Snowflake
    Irish Puzzle

Irish Puzzle/Irish Puzzle/Bear's Paw/Barrister's Block/Kansas Troubles/Kansas Troubles

Sunshine/Delectable Mountains/Delectable Mountains/King Solomon's Temple/The Delectable Mountains

    Sawtooth frame

Framed Squares/Lady of the Lake/Indian Plume/Indian Plumes

    Sailboat (reverse)  

Sailboat/Sail Boat/West Wind/Birds in the Air /Old Maid's Puzzle/Snowflake/Hen & Chickens

    Ocean Waves

Ocean Wave (McKim)/Ocean Waves (Cabot)/Ocean Wave (web)/Path Thru the Woods/
London Square/Linton/Ocean Waves (LAC)
  Flying Geese

Jacob's Ladder (Havig)/Corn & Beans/Corn & Beans variation/Corn & Beans variation/The Little Cedar Tree/Birds in the Air/
Beggar's Block/Beggar Block/Wandering Lover/Double X, No. 1/

Mrs. Cleveland's Choice/Handy Andy/Hovering Hawks/Winged Square/Primrose Path

Other Triangles

Thousand Pyramids/Rail-Fence/The Mowing Machine/Ocean Waves