fff Lattice & Windowpane

These are just a few of the quilt blocks that form lattice patterns — on this site, that means diagonal lines that cross — when they're set in groups. We've also included a few that create windowpanes, made up of horizontal and vertical lines.

Each graphic links to an information page for that block.

We've included a section on how to tell windowpane whole quilts from blocks that create a windowpane pattern when they're sewn together. To see it, click here:

Blocks that form lattices

Hunter Star

Hunter's Star

Hearts & Gizzards

Lovers Knot (1906)

Lover's Knot

Primrose Path


Double Windmill


Beggar's Blocks

Crowned Cross

Blocks that form windowpanes

Lincoln's Platform

   Lattice Blocks

Here's how a lattice block goes together:

First you make 4 quarter blocks like this (we're using a Hunter Star for this example):

Quarter block

Then you arrange them so that each quarter block is turned 90 degrees from its neighbor:

Full block

Then you put all those blocks together. Ta da!