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Star of North Carolina

Beautiful Star (LAC)

Beautiful Star (Cabot)

Sylvia's Choice

Modern Car-
penter's Star

Pickle Dish (LAC)

Pickle Dish (Cabot)

Beggar's Block (Page)

Beggar Block (LAC)
Chimney Swallows
(Hall, from LAC)

Chimney Swallows

Chimney Swallow

Mariner's Compass
(Mountain Mist)

Cherry Basket

Cottage Tulips

Petal Circle
In a Square

Wagon Wheels

Pride of Ohio

Ratchet Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Caesar's Crown

The Postage Stamp Quilt

Periwinkle (continuous pattern)

The Rope Strands


Clam Shells

Hen & Chickens

Fanny's Favorite

Snow Crystal

Star Center on French Bouquet

French Bouquet

Square & Star

Triangles & Stripes

The Practical Or-chard (LAC)

Hour-Glass, No. 2

Practical Orchard

Souvenir of Friendship


Dove at the Window (KCS)

Night and Day

My Little Girl's Skirt

Swing in the Center (LAC)

Bleeding Heart (LAC)

Greek Cross

Leap Frog

Twist Patchwork (LAC)

A Dandy

Triple Sunflower

Queen o' the May

Dogwood Bloom

Maple Leaf

Squares & Stripes











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