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Mariner's Compass

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A Mariner's Compass, or Mariner's Star, is a star that could plausibly be used to mark the points of the seafarer's compass. It has 8, 16, 32, or 64 points. (We're including 128-point stars too.) Traditionally, if there's a center patch, it's round.
     Quilters also tend to call a star a Mariner's Compass if its points are split lengthwise.

Modern split-point stars may be called Mariner's Compass Stars or Mariner's Stars. The name liberates the design from rigid point symmetry. We'll call them Mariner's Stars and add examples as time goes on.

Mariner's Compass

Single Sunflower

Chips & Whetstones

Slashed Star

Mariner's Star

Russian Sunflower

Rising Sun
Or is it a simple eight-point with split-points, like one of these?

Star of the East

The North Star

Silver & Gold

Mariner's Compass designs

A Mariner's Compass is a star with points corresponding to the compass points on traditional seafarers' maps.

There's 1 point each for north, south, east, and west, and between each of those 4 points are either 1 or 3 more points for fine-tuning.

In short, a Mariner's Compass has 8, 16, 32, or 64 points. We're including 128-point blocks in this section too.

That said,"Mariner's Compass" is a catch-all; very few blocks have that name.

There are other catch-alls for stars with more than 8 points.

"Sunburst" usually describes a star with irregular or large numbers of rays.

"Sunflower" is more associated with big center circles and short rays.

We'll add more such blocks as time goes on.