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  Double star:
Inner frame of 6-8 sides

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If you're on this page, your star has 2 parts—a pattern in the center and a ring of points around it. The stars on this page have inner frames with 6 or 8 sides and another separate design inside.

Jewels in a Frame
Jewels in a Frame

Jewels in a Frame
Star of Bethlehem/Bethlehem Star/Jewels in a Frame/Star of the Magi/Winged Star/Christmas Memory Quilt

We've called this block by its oldest unique name, which happens to be 1 of the newest.

The Kansas City Star published this block as Jewels in a Frame just 3 days before designer Nancy Cabot presented it as Star of the Magi. That was in 1937.

The block's earliest publication was as Bethlehem Star in 1931, but if you use that name, everyone will think you're talking about a Lone Star-style quilt .