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Turnstile blocks

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In the center of each of these blocks is a turnstile shape like the one in the upper left corner of this page. Click on a block to see a whole-quilt mockup. Click on the upper-left-corner block to go to the Google the Site page.



Turnstile was #519 in the Ladies Art Company catalog of 1928, although Barbara Brackman also found it published, nameless, in a 1904 Farm & Fireside magazine.

The block is simple to piece and easy to find on the web; our Make It! link goes to just one of many sets of instructions.

Dutch Windmill

Dutch Windmill

The Ladies Art Company's Dutch Windmill was right behind Turnstyle in the 1928 catalog—#520. We've shown at left as it was in the LAC catalog. Click on the graphic to see a whole-quilt mockup; you'll see that it includes the Turnstyle block within the design.

It's drawn on a 16x16 grid, but you'll be happy to know that we've provided a diagram so you won't have to draw it yourself. Click the "Make It!" icon to see.

Big Dipper

Electric Fan

Big Dipper/Yankee Puzzle
Bow Ties/Crazy Quilt/Electric Fan/The Hour Glass/The Whirling Blade/
Yankee Puzzle

The name most often used for this block seems to be Yankee Puzzle, from Ruth Finley's 1929 book Old Patchwork Quilts. It was first published as Big Dipper in the Ladies Art Company's catalog of 1897 (block #320).

The LAC showed Big Dipper in two colors, just as it is in our graphic, and it was also in two colors when it appeared as The Hour Glass and The Whirling Blade in the Kansas City Star (1943 and 1944).

A two-fabric quilt is featureless (click on a left-column graphic to see), but the design works beautifully as a scrap quilt with each block made from a different pair of fabrics.

Electric Fan

Electric Fan is from Clara Stone's Practical Needlework (1906). It's a Yankee Puzzle in three colors, with placement as we've shown it at left.
To see Stone's Electric Fan #2, click here:


The LAC's block #127, Windmill is really a variation of a Turnstile block. It is not often used nowadays, so our Make It! icon links to a copy of an actual page from the Ladies Art Company instruction sheet. TheQuiltIndex.org says that the original publication was in 1895.

For blocks with Windmill shapes, click here:
Wheel, etc.

Dutchman's Wheel/Dutchman's Puzzle/Swastika Quilt

The Ohio Farmer first published this block back in 1894 and again in 1898 as Dutchman's Wheel, and it was Dutchman's Puzzle in the Ladies Art Company catalog of 1897. All four times its light and dark pieces were arranged as they are in the graphic at left. They were also arranged that way in a block inexplicably called Swastika Quilt, published in the Kansas City Star in 1939.

For Mosaic, No. 12, a similar block from the LAC (1897), click here: