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Plus cross, center points

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Here are just 2 blocks with four triangles that meet with points in the center. If your block isn't here, check Propeller Shapes by clicking on this icon:
Oklahoma Square Dance
Square Dance

Oklahoma's Square Dance

A 1957 design from the Kansas City Star, Oklahoma's Square Dance was sent in by a Tulsa reader. This 13 x 13-patch block is similar to Clara Stone's Electric Fan #2, which, on a 5 x 5-patch block, shows more slender proportions:

Click on the block to see a whole-quilt mockup.

Maltese Cross
Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross
Iron Cross

The Ladies Art Company published this block as its #272 in 1897. Originally, the background was a single color. Nancy Cabot, when it was published in 1935 in the Chicago Tribune, called it Iron Cross.

The Ladies Art Company's Maltese Cross shape, however, is a variation of St. George's Cross, which is usually a straightforward plus (+) shape.

For more on these crosses of medieval origin, see the sidebar at right. For a mockup of a whole quilt made from the Maltese Cross block, click on the block graphic at left.

Maltese Cross Shapes

The triangles of the classic 16th-century Maltese Cross are chevrons with pointed ends, like arrows. This graphic is adapted from the quilt block known as V Block:

 Maltese Cross

Two other forms of the Maltese Cross that are familiar to Americans are:

1) a symbol used in firefighter and other insignia, which looks something like this:

Firefighter symbol

2) a Cross Patté, used informally to indicate that the wearer is a tough guy, which follows on its use in various military settings (notably in the German Air Force in World War I).

A Cross Pattée closely resembles the background shape of a curved (petal) quilt block. This graphic is a modified Melon Patch block:

 Cross Pattée

Various forms of the Maltese Cross are still used as official symbols today.