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Flower Vase

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Pieced or appliquéd?

Flower quilts are sometimes appliqued, sometimes pieced, and sometimes both.

Pieced blocks are made by sewing together two pieces of fabric along their edges. Appliqué is sewing a piece of fabric on top of another piece of fabric.

Antique appliqué quilts were all made by hand, with fabric pieces cut with scissors and then basted in place (with big temporary stitches) before the real needlework began.

Nowadays, fabric glue is a great substitute for basting, as is two-sided fusible interfacing,
a peel and stick sheet of glue that's set by heat from an iron.

Among the gadgets for cutting appliqué shapes are machines that work like a cookie cutter combined with an old-fashioned clothes wringer.

The typical nonquilter thinks that quilts made with newfangled gadgetry isn't real appliqué. We invite those nonquilters to hitch up the horse and buggy and come take a closer look.