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Plants other than flowers

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Tree of paradise,
Tree of Paradise

Pine Tree Design

Pine Tree
Pine Tree Design/Tree of Paradise

This design's earliest publisher was the Kansas City Star (1928). Their version was in 2 colors.

Researcher Carrie Hall found a near-identical block named Tree of Paradise and published it in her 1935 book. Hall's had 3 colors—all shades of green.

If you look closely at a similar block, Pine Tree Design, you'll notice that the squares in the upper right corner in light green have a seam through their centers. Each is a pair of half-square triangles. The Star's version of Pine Tree had half-square triangles too.

The second version of Pine Tree Design is from Farmer's Wife Book of Quilts (1931) according to Beyer's Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns.

The Apple Leaf

The Apple Leaf

This 2-color block is from a 1935 edition of the Kansas City Star. The stem is appliquéd.

The Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf
Magnolia Leaf/Tea Leaves/Palm Leaf

Clara Stone's 1906 Practical Needlework included this block as both Maple Leaf and Magnolia Leaf, and Marie Webster included it as Tea Leaves in her 1915 book Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them. The name Palm Leaf was a latecomer from 1973.

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf
Autumn Leaves

These blocks are really bear paws blocks put to a different theme.

The Ladies Art Company Autumn Leaf, published in 1928, is different from the 1929 Finley variation in only the smallest ways.

They are threefold: 1) Every patch is a small square; 2) the center small square is in the darker of two colors; and 3) the stems are slightly shorter. In both blocks, the stems are appliquéd.

Autumn Leaf
Poplar Leaf

Comfort magazine called this block Poplar Leaf, according to Barbara Brackman (Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns), but our graphic at left is from Ruth Finley's Old Patchwork Quilts (1929).

There are many other "Autumn Leaf" blocks—on point, or with straight or pieced stems—but we'll stick with these for now.