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Cut & turn blocks

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Here's how cut & turn blocks are made. (Click on a block to see a whole-quilt mockup.)
Bento Box
1) Make 4 blocks based on a 4x4 grid:

2) Cut each in 4 pieces like this:

3) Then turn the pieces around until you get 4 blocks like these.

Make as many as you need with whatever number of fabrics you like.
Disappearing 9 Patch
Divided 9 Patch/Magic 9 Patch/Tossed 9 Patch/9-to-4/Cookie Cutter 9-patch

To make a Disappearing 9 Patch, you make a 3x3 checkerboard (usually called a 9 patch) and then cut it in quarters). Then you arrange the blocks as shown in step 3 below. To see a whole-quilt mockup, click on any of the graphics below.

The names Magic 9 Patch and Disappearing 9 Patch both appear to date back to books published in 2002, while Tossed 9-Patch is an Eleanor Burns design published some time before 2009.
1) Make some 9 Patches (3x3 grid):

2) Cut each in
4 pieces:

3) Turn the pieces as shown
and stitch them together.