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Continuous blocks

Click on the graphic that's the most like your mystery block.

Full or half hexagon
Inner City Block
Inner City


Crazy Tile Quilt

Whirling Diamonds
Chevrons & other shapes

Picket Fence Quilt

Picket Fence Quilt

Right Angles Patchwork

Ozark Cobble

Clam Shells

Caesar's Crown

Or is it more like . . . ?


Tessellated blocks

A tessellation is like a jigsaw puzzle made of one or just a few repeated shapes.

By that definition almost every block, and certainly every one-patch block, is a tessellation.

Quilters, however, reserve the word for shapes that come together in an interesting way.

Usually that means the patches don't add up to a square, but for quilters, the distinction goes farther.

Tessellated quilt blocks look as if the pieces are designed to lock together. A quilter wouldn't consider RightAngles Patchwork, at left, a tessellated pattern, although mathematically, it is.

Whether a quilt is tesselllated or tessellating, it's more like a style than a block, and the patterns tend to be unique to the quilt and quilter.