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Concentric square blocks

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Picture Frames

Picture Frames 2-patch stripe

This 1951 block from the Kansas City Star looks as if it's pieced, but it has only four pieces printed with stripes, The Star's instructions say that the stripes should be aligned on each seam.

Click on the icon for a whole-quilt mockup.

Mosaic No. 1
Mosaic No. 1

Ladies Art Company block #329 (1897). Click on the icon for a whole-quilt mockup.

Trip Around the World

Trip Around the World (on point)
Trip Around the World

This popular whole-quilt pattern is made up of rows of identical blocks. The number of rows is up to the quilter, and the pattern typically covers the entire quilt.

Trip Around the World and Postage Stamp, below, are called one-patch quilts because they're made entirely of one-shape, one-size pieces.

We've seen comments that Trip Around the World is an easy beginner's quilt. While the quilt is made up of single-sized squares (simple) and lends itself to strip piecing (quick), those corner seams can put up a considerable argument before they line up straight. Don't ask how we know.

When Trip Around the World is turned 45° and edged with triangles, quilters say it's "set on point." Almost always, it's still called Trip Around the World.

Postage Stamp Quilt

Postage Stamp Quilt
Trip Around the World

Whenever an eBay seller describes a quilt as a "postage stamp" design, it means only that the quilt is a one-patch design made up of small squares.

The "real" postage stamp quilt is this one, from a 1942 Kansas City Star. The name never really caught on, though. The design is almost always called Trip Around the World.