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Our first category covers 3x3 checkerboards (9-patches) along with square blocks. The second covers 3x3 checkerboards along with other shapes. To find your mystery block, click on an icon in the category that fits best.

9 patches with square patches

Double 9 Patch

Hen & Her Chicks
Double 9 Patch
Double 9 Patch
9 patches with other shapes

True Lover's Knot

Goose in the Pond

5 Patch

Stepping Stones

Long Nine Patch

Hour Glass (Finley)
Or is it more like...?

Tic Tac Toe Double Irish Chain The Corner-stone Burgoyne's Surrender

Rosalia Flower Garden

Dolly Madison

Call it "9 Patch"

Whenever you see a checkerboard of 9 squares, you can call it a 9 patch. That is its name.

9 patch

A 9-patch block can also be any block with a 3x3 grid—but in that case, "9-patch" is just a way to describe the block.