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2x2 Checkerboards

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Where are the checkerboards in your block?

Are the checkerboards in the corners or center?

Square & Half Square
The Jewel Quilt
Jewel Quilt


Or are they part of a diagonal pattern?

Four Squares
Or is the block more like...?

Colonial Bow Tie

Road to the White House
Road to the
White House

Bear's Paw

Friendly Hand
(Indiana Puzzle)

Call it "4 Patch"

Like the 3x3 checkerboard called a 9 Patch, a 2x2 checkerboard goes by a name that is also used in a more general sense to describe all blocks designed on a 2x2 grid.

4-patch checkerboard
4 Patch

Four-patch checkerboards, however, are less distinctive visually than a 3x3 checkerboard, so when you're talking to a quilter, you may need to clarify whether you mean the 2x2 checkerboard or just any block drawn on a 2x2 grid.