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Diagonal rows of squares

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All rows run in 1 direction
Carrie Nation block
Carrie Nation
London Stairs block
London Stairs

Steps to Glory
Spanish Squares
Spanish Squares
Garret Window block
Garret Window

Road to
Identical rows cross each other

Single Irish Chain

Triple Irish Chain

Double Irish Chain
1 diagonal row stands out over the other
Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder
Road to the White House block
Road to
the White House

Double Hour Glass

Tail of Benjamin's Kite

Or is it more like...?

in Flight

Rain Drop


If the block has a curve, it's in the curve section.

Diagonal Designs

Jacob's Ladder blocks are traditionally set in one direction, and the charm comes from the stark contrast of colors, according to Ruth Finley's 1929 book "Old Patchwork Quilts: And the Women Who Made Them."

Jacob's Ladder (one direction)

In practice, diagonal blocks are very often placed to form concentric or lattice patterns:

Road to Oklahoma

Garret Window block