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3-color Irish chains

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The graphics below show four blocks each. Click on a block to go back to the first Irish Chains page.

Irish Chain

Irish Chain
Irish Chain
Triple Irish Chain/Triple Irish Chain (Small)

The Kansas City Star designer Ruby McKim published this pattern first, in 1929. Six years later, both Nancy Page and Nancy Cabot named it Triple Irish Chain.

A few years after that, Nancy Page published another 5-row Irish chain called Irish Chain (Large). That leaves the version at left with its third name, Triple Irish Chain (Small). You can see the Large version here:

We've shown two color combinations of the design.

Double Irish Chain
Double Irish Chain

This design is identical to the Ladies Art Company's 1897 Double Irish Chain, except the LAC version has only two colors. The three-color version here is credited to Jane Alan, Illinois State Register, 1932.

Triple Irish Chain
Triple Irish Chain (Hall)

We've shown Hall's Triple Irish Chain just as quilt researcher Carrie Hall did in her 1935 Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America, with a block of 11 squares by 11 squares. The tricky thing is that Irish Chain blocks of odd-numbered grids don't come together symmetrically. You have to remove two adjoining rows from each block to get the symmetry right.

TTriple Irish Chain laid out exactly like Hall's block.