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Sailboat sawtooth

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These blocks are similar to bear paw blocks with the "claws" reversed, but the configuration reminded several designers of boats and sails. Read on:

Sail Boat


Sail Boat

Quilt researcher Carrie Hall published Sail Boat in her 1935 book The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America, and she included it and Sailboat, below, in the collection of blocks she stitched up and donated in 1938 to the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of


Both Sail Boat and Sailboat appear in Carrie Hall Blocks by Bettina Havig. Sailboat is a simple 9-patch (that is, drawn up on a 3x3 grid). Turning the design on point, for Sail Boat, requires a 6x6 grid.

Birds in the Air

Birds in the Air

This block formally dates back only to 1973, when it was published in Holstein's The Pieced Quilt.

West Wind

West Wind
The Victory Boat

Credited to Nancy Page (1934), this block also appeared in the Kansas City Star in 1944 with the timely name "Victory Boat." The Star's version, sent in by a reader, had just 2 colors.