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Woven block diagrams

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The Four Corners (Cabot) • Interlocked Squares (Kansas City Star)
To make these blocks, print out the block diagram in a size you like, cut it apart, and use the pieces as patterns. Don't forget to add a 1/4-inch seam allowance!
The Four Corners    (Nancy Cabot, 1936)
1) a) 4 (right-facing) and b) 4 (left-facing) in Fabric 1
2) 2 in Fabric 2
3) a) 4 (right-facing) and b) 4 (left-facing) in Fabric 3
4) 2 in Fabric 3
5) 2 in Fabric 4
6) 4 in Fabric 1
7) 1 in Fabric 2

Add two seams (shown in blue in the diagram) to make piece 7 into an on-point square and two rectangles (7a, 7b, and 7c below). Use the same fabric as for piece 2.

Interlocked Squares   (Kansas City Star, 1932)
1) 1 in Fabric 1
2) 4 in Fabric 2
3) 4 in Fabric 3
4) 8 in Fabric 1
5) 4 in Fabric 2
6) 4 in your background fabric—or add an on-point block


Cut 3 of piece 3 in Fabric 3 and 1 each of 3a and 3b in Fabric 3.

Start by sewing piece 3a to piece 1, then piece 2 to that, and so on clockwise around the octagonal center. The last piece is 3b.

Then sew together 4 triangles using 2 piece 4s and 1 piece 5. Attach those to the center block assembly.

Finally, add the 4 triangles of piece 6.
Make this block from the inside out by adding piece 2 to piece 1, piece 3 (clockwise) to piece 2, and so forth.

It's just like a log cabin except that when you add the fourth and final piece 3, you'll be making a very tricky angled seam to attach it to the first piece 2. To avoid that, you can use our simplified version (right).

Next, make four triangles, each of 2 piece 4s and 1 piece 5, and attach them to the center block assembly.

Next, add the 4 triangles of piece 6.