4, 5, or 6 points?

How many outer points are in your star?

Amethyst, etc.
4 points

5 points
Novel Star
6 points





Or is it more like...?

Dolly Madison Pattern
Wyoming Patch
Wyoming Patch



  Tip-to-tip stars

Tip-to-tip stars create a continuous pattern across a quilt top, allowing for beautifully complex designs.

In square blocks, 8-point stars go tip to tip on all 4 sides and, sometimes, on all 4 corners. That's one reason why 8-point stars are so popular.

4-point stars can go tip to tip with every point.

5-point stars go tip-to-tip only on the blocks' sides, creating a strong horizontal line. You will usually see them in borders, or alone, placed for dramatic effect.

6-point stars often appear in hexagonal blocks. That way, the star points all go tip to tip with other stars.

Stars with 7 points are rare among traditional blocks. We'll add them as we find them.