Stars with eight points

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Look at the center of your star. Do you see points or a patch?

Are there points in the center?...

LeMoyne Star

Virginia Star

The Ship's Wheel

V. Block

V Block
Or a patch?...


Ohio Star
Sun Rays
Sun Rays

Blackford's Beauty
Chevron Stars

Doe & Darts

Or is it more like...?

Circling Swallows

Star Flower

Star of Many Points

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Sampler quilts

Star blocks are favorites for "samplers"—quilts with one each of a variety of blocks.

Traditional samplers have one block size with a different design in each block.

Samplers popular today have no such restrictions. They may have several sizes of different stars (or other designs) scattered across the quilt top.

The designers who sell patterns for these samplers usually give their quilt designs unique names.