LeMoyne star — single ring

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On this page, we cover the smaller of the 8-point diamond stars, including the basic one-ring diamond star that is usually called the LeMoyne Star. For three-ring stars, click here:
For stars of more than three rings — Lone Stars — click here:

LeMoyne Star

LeMoyne Star
Lemon Star/Star of Lemoyne/Star/Diamond/Diamond Star/8-pointed Star/Star Bed Quilt/The Southern Star/Hanging Diamonds/Simple Star/A Star of Diamond Points/Eastern Star/8-point Star/Star of the East/Sunlight & Shadows/The Star/Two Star Quilt/Variable Star/Lone Star

This venerable design was first published in 1894, as Star, in Ohio Farmer.
The block was named for two brothers who founded New Orleans in 1718, according to Yvonne Khin's Collector's Dictionary of Quilt Names and Patterns. English-speaking settlers renamed it Lemon Star. Whether that was Anglophilia, Francophobia, or mispronunciation we don't know.

Here are a few LeMoyne Star variations (click on the block for more information):

Circling Swallows

Hunter's Star

Hunter Star

Pin Wheel