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Long hexagon

Fence Row
(Hall, 1935)

Fence Row

The small blocks within the elongated hexagon are Shoo Fly blocks.

The block appears in Bettina Havig's book Carrie Hall Blocks. Carrie Hall was an accomplished seamstress who caught a severe case of "quilt pox" sometime in the 1920s and went on to collect designs from all the sources she could find—800 or so blocks in all. She then stitched up one of each pattern. The blocks now reside at the Spencer Museum at the University of Kansas.

The Mowing Machine
The Mowing Machine Quilt

This 1943 block from the Kansas City Star is ideal for a scrap quilt, since each hexagonal block can be made up in lights and darks of a different color. It doesn't take much fabric to make a single block.

We suspect that the mowing machine worked on fields rather than front lawns, but it could have been either. The lawn mower was invented in Britain in 1830, according to the Old Lawnmower Club, in Britain—14 years before Cyrus McCormick even got a patent for his McCormick Reaper.