<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> Large Center Square blocks

Large center square

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Now, look only at the edge around the square. Which icon below is most like your block?

Is there a plain or almost plain border around the center square?

Puss in the Corner


Churn Dash
Or is there a complex pattern around the center?
Diamonds in the Corners
Diamonds in the
Jamestown Square
Jamestown Square

Sun Rays
(Twin Fibers)

Lotus Star

Or does your block look like one of these?

9-patch in a 4x4 grid
"Nine Patch"
Hour glass block
Hour Glass
The King's Crown, Thrift
Kings Crown

Framed Squares

Wandering Lover

The Swallow
These blocks are covered elsewhere on the site. Click on an icon for more information.