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Offset square

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Irish chain
Bear Paw, etc.
Bear Paw

9 Patch

Birds in the Air

How big is a block?

How can you tell where a block begins and ends? Here are some hints for offset square blocks.

1) Is your block part of a cloverleaf? If so, the cloverleaf is the block. In the case of the many blocks named after a bear's footprint, the eye-catching part of the block is this:

Bear Paw, etc. Bear Paw building block

Bear's Track, below, is one of many blocks that incorporate the design.

Bear's Track, etc. Bear's Track block

2) Is your block part of a windowpane quilt? If so, look only at the large squares.

The green square is the one that counts.

Windowpane Quilt example
Windowpane quilt