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This inexplicable design from the Ladies Art Company, its #524, was published in 1928. It does make for a pretty whole quilt. Check out a mockup by clicking on the graphic.

Jig Jog Puzzle
The Jig Jog Puzzle

The Jig Jog Puzzle, a 1938 block from the Kansas City Star, has a Yankee Puzzle on the inside and a bowtie block in each corner with half-square triangles in between. The bowties make a sawtooth star in a whole quilt, and the rest makes a sort of zig zag that wanders around the star like an inchworm. Click on the block to take a look.

Old Maid's Puzzle
Old Maid's Puzzle
Reverse X/Envelope Quilt Pattern

Reverse X came first, in 1931, but this block is usually known as Old Maid's Puzzle, from a 1932 Grandmother Clark booklet. (The Star called it Envelope Quilt Pattern in 1943.)

This Old Maid's Puzzle is nothing more than 4 Big Dipper (aka Yankee Puzzle) blocks put together. Turned on point, it's a sister to the LAC's Mosaic No. 9. To see both blocks, click here:

A Design in

A Design in Geometrics

The Star specified plaids for the rectangles and a print and solid for the bowtie squares when this block was published in 1956. The illustration, however, showed plain light fabric where we've put a star print.

Mosaic No. 11

Mosaic No. 11

This block goes by two forgettable names: Mosaic No. 11 from the Ladies Art Company (#339, 1897) and Triangles (Nancy Page, 1939), but it makes for a pretty quilt. Click on the icon to go to the whole-quilt mockup.