Half-square triangles

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Is there a pair of triangles in each corner, with all 8 the same shape? Or is the half-square triangle half of an entire block? Click on the graphic most like your mystery block.
Large half-squares in the corners

Shoofly (classic)

Churn Dash

Joseph's Coat
Double Wrench, etc.
Churn Dash


Cross & Crown
(Ladies Art Company)
Half-squares as whole blocks

Birds in the Air

Lend & Borrow

Potted Roses

Building blocks

The half-square triangle is part of so many designs that it's best described as a building block.

Half-square triangles

For example, Four Birds in the Air blocks (above right) are used in a Ducklings for Friendship block (below).

Ducklings for Friendship

The Ducklings for Friendship block is exactly like Duck & Ducklings except that it has 3 colors instead of 2 colors.