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Triangles in rows

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There are two types of triangle rows: Flying Geese (point meets side) and Sawtooth (point meets point). Which is in your block? Click on the graphic that most resembles your mystery block.

Flying Geese rows
Wild Goose Chase
Wild Goose Chase
Kite Tails
Road to California
Pineapple Block
Sawtooth rows
Framed Squares
Framed Squares
Indian Plumes
Indian Plumes
Sunshine block Sunshine
Ocean-wave rows

Path Thru
the Woods

London Square

Ocean Wave
Or does your block look more like...?

Maple Leaf
Bear Paw
Flying Geese

Traditionally, Flying Geese blocks are twice as wide as they are tall.

You'll see those 2 x 1 proportions reflected in traditional Flying Geese blocks.

Even so, blocks and (especially) borders that use a wider or narrower center triangle are still called Flying Geese.

In fact, the block in the upper left corner of this page, which has non-traditional proportions, is one of the oldest ever published, in the Ladies Art Company catalog of 1897.