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Field Guide to Quilts is made for identifying quilt patterns based on the shapes in their design.

Where do you start? If you know the block name already, use our Google the Site page. If you have no clue about the name, browse. Start with a shape category. Just take your best guess. There are no wrong answers.

We've put in linked icons for cross-references where we think a block suits more than one category, and more links when we think a nonquilter will see a shape that a quilter wouldn't.

If a block is well known, the most familiar name comes first. Otherwise, we start with the oldest or the most memorable. You'll find all the blocks that share a name by searching for that name on our Google the Site page. Every block's description includes all the names ever used for it -- at least, all we know of.Each block appears in only one section. The block structure (4-patch, 1-patch, 9-patch, etc.) does not affect the choice of section. Blocks in the cloverleaf section are there not because they're 5-patches, but because they look like cloverleaves.

A block's section is based on only one of its most obvious design features. We've put in lots of cross-reference links so you won't have to read our minds.

If the block has a curve—any curve—it goes in the curve section. We've bent that rule for only a few blocks.

All the blocks we've included are either in the public domain, untraceable, or included with permission.

Have fun—and let us know what you think!

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