Diagonal designs

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Carrie Nation: One-way diagonals

Carrie Nation Quilt
Garret Window
Road to California
Attic Window
New Four Patch
The Square Within Squares
World's Fair Block
Nine-Patch Chain

Jacob's Ladder: One crossing line is heavier than the other

Jacob's Ladder
The Railroad
Trail of the Covered Wagon
Rocky Road to California
Road to the White House
The Broken Sugar Bowl
Road to California
Road to Arkansas
Sunny Lanes
The Under- ground Railroad

Single Irish Chain: Simple and classic

Single Irish Chain
Country Lanes
Criss Cross Quilt
Burgoyne Surrounded
Burgoyne Surrounded
Burgoyne's Surrender
Beautiful Mosaic
Dublin Chain
Village Green
9-patch Plaid

Double 9 Patch
Nine Patch
Sheep Fold
Puss in the Corner

Double & Triple Irish Chains: More rows of colors

Double Irish Chain
Double Irish Chain
Triple Irish Chain
Irish Chain (Small)
Triple Irish Chain (Large)
Triple Irish Chain
Sara's Favorite

More Diagonals

Road to Oklahoma

Arkansas Cross Roads

Crockett Cabin Quilt

The Tail of Benjamin's Kite

Double Hour Glass

The Contrary Wife Quilt

Four Squares

Spanish Squares

Steps to Glory

Pussy in the Corner
Puss in the Corner
Cotton Reels
Fanny's Favorite