Four-point star diagrams ***

Below are diagrams for these blocks:

Cowboy's Star (Page) Swords & PlowsharesBeautiful Star

Cowboy's Star

This easy-to-duplicate diagram for Cowboy's Star, below, is based on Nancy Page's 1938 block from the Birmingham News. We left the grid lines (pink) so you can see for yourself. Using a grid, you can draw it to the size you like instead of printing it out.

Cut the finished diagram apart on the lines, and remember to add seam allowances when you use the template pieces as pattern pieces.

The black lines that don't end on grid intersections are parallel to neighboring lines that do.


Swords & Plowshares

It seems clear that the entire block was pieced except for the circles, which had to be appliqued.

When you cut out the pieces for the block, remember to add a 1/4" seam allowance to each one.

Beautiful Star

This block is drawn up on a star (circular) grid, so it's not precisely a breeze to draw (as they say, don't try this at home). Construction is pretty obvious, though, once the pieces are cut out. We'll leave that to you.